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Calling All Galaxies Video

Calling All Galaxies Video Released in Your Galaxy

The song "Calling all Galaxies " from  the Ajax Ray O' vaque release "Dreaming in Subtitles"

has just been released as a music video produced and directed by Tracey Glynn of Ten Talents Productions. The song was written by Bob and Jack Marsh, Gregory David Ansin and Ajax.  Ajax is space.  finally.

more news flashes coming . a few very exciting music for film developments coming soon.


You Tube Link:

"Im The One"

"I'm the one"   by Minky Starshine

Portrait of a Song (new feature at

Karyadi and Anthony J. featured in new "MIKAL" video

We just love how this track sounds!
thanks MIKAL for your continued trust in the Sci-fi mambo labs at Bopnique.

Josh Logan EP Produced at Bopnique

Here's a very cool article with a nice Anthony J. Resta mention.( about Josh's new EP recorded up at Bopnique 3.0 in Nashua N.H. and at Paramount and Encore Studios in Los Angeles.)

Fab Artist from Austrailia to Record with Anthony J. Resta and Karyadi Sutedja in LA

"Who is Zoe" Is one truly gifted band from Australia.  They are here in Los Angeles this week to record with producer  Anthony J. Resta and recording master Karyadi Sutedja at Encore studios in Burbank (part of the paramount recording group) , Ryan Hoyle's (best studio for live drums ever)  and at Bopnique 4.0 in the valley. Discovered in a contest held by the DELI magazine, the group was chosen out of over 400 entries.  The Muse Box will be doing PR for this release. stay tuned! in the meanwhile check out one of their songs:  

Thank You to a Special Collaborator and Friend

As Bopnique heads into year 20 we are  thankful for all the wonderful believers out there. Those special People who are endlessly spreading the word about our work.  This special  thank you goes out to Eric Alexandrakis for his wonderful quote on Anthony J. Resta and Karyadi Sutedja.

Dreaming in Subtitles

Hi Guys,

In case you've missed it, thenew ajax ray o'vaque album "Dreaming in Subtitles"  is streaming  free at Also, there is a link there to a fabulous coffee table book put together by my writing partner and co-producer Gregory David Ansin.  The picture book tells the story of not only the making of the Album but the history of Bopnique and lots of other cool tidbits.  Get ready for a bunch of cool 2014 news, we are exploding at the seams with crazy cool projects and historical collaborations for starters.