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5 part interview with Anthony J. Resta

Marshal Terrill, a published author of over 15 biographies,(

is in the middle of an extensive 5 part interview with AJR. 

here are parts 1 and 2.... stay tuned...

Thank You Will Turpin (of Collective Soul)

Thanks so MUCH to  Will Turpin of Collective Soul for this wonderful comments in this current interview regarding the "dosage" tour and Anthony's  work on that album. 
 (More Thanks to Marshall Terrill, who is a celebrity biographer who has published 15 books.)

Q: What role did hit-making producer Anthony J. Resta have in the shaping of Dosage?
Turpin: His style is all over that record. For some reason the word “soundscaping” comes to mind. He’d create these incredible handcrafted and atmospheric keyboard sounds for the songs. For example, he created the introduction to “Tremble For My Beloved”. His forte was programming, building and manipulating sounds. He has an incredible ear for music and sounds, and in hindsight, we’ve done some of our best work with him.

Bopnique Musique Track of the Week May 29th 2012
buy this one at the link above! its really special! a modern classic.  
name your price and format. These guys deserve some love.

Recorded and Mixed at Bopnique.
Be part of the post indie revolution.


Denise Hradecky "Obsurd"

 Denise Hradecky's  EP  "Save the Universe" Denise is absolutely  one of our fav artists to work with. (We featured the title track "Save the Universe" a while back as well. You can find it in the news archives.

Minky Starshine "Womanity"

One of the coolest bopnique productions of all times available now.
{see below)
Of all the guitar work i've done in the past few years this is my fav. Minky is a gem. More bopnique pure sonic alchemy for the post indie revolution. We love you Minky!


Minky Starshine - Womanity

Bopnique Musique "Track of the Week" 4/3/12
here(the above link) is a free download and some info about the recording.  please listen on real speakers and or good phones.  Its a wonderfully crafted song and recording.


Major Update forthcoming (updating you about an update)

Dear Fellow inhabitants of the Globe,

we have been completely immersed in a bunch of projects and are going to be updating  you  all
in an up and coming  "quarterly"  forum  here and via email etc on April 1st.
some of the projects we will be unveiling/discussing/highlighting/sharing
(in no particular order)          and i'm sure we've forgotten someone... just remind us and we will add you.
Dave Scott:  New 7 song EP
Jared Dylan:New 5 song EP
Kat McGivern: New EP
Randal Vera: New singleMark Zamcheck: two new singles
Prospect Hill : New Album Release  (w two bonus tracks)
Jerad Finck: New 6 song EP
Mad Martian:New 12 song album
TV Mania :    New 12 song record
Michelle Lewis New EP
Casey Desmond Update
My Silent Bravery New 12 song album