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naked on rollerskates ( globe review)

First  two tracks "Sugar" and "The Fighter"   Post Production, Mixing, tracking in the Sci-Fi Mambo Lab by AJAX and Karyadi  exciting music check it out!   Here is a great review from the Boston Globe.



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Cinderella's Ashes by Krysta Youngs

Awesome single release from Krysta Youngs.
Recorded and Mixed at Studio Bopnique by Karyadi SutedjaProduced by AJR  
Krysta: Vocals, Rhodes 88, Yan: amazing bass AJAX: drums, guitars, synths 
Brian Alex: more guitars 

Here is the link to itunes preview and download:

thanks for listening!


Guide Lines

Joe Sambataro is a prolific young up and coming songwriter from Derry New Hampshire.  His new band " Guide Lines" is in rehearsal and will be starting to gig throughout New England in 2011. Joe plays guitar and sings on this debut single called "This Could Be Ours"  recently recorded and mixed at Bopnique.( We have loaded up the MP3 here for you guys to check out. It should be available on Itunes shortly. (updates forthcoming) We had a lot of fun making this record and it comes through in the mix.Thanks for listening! side  note:   Joe also performs and writes with one of the most sought afte metal/post hardcore acts in the area

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Tracy Bonham and AJAX

Tracy Bonham at Bopnique Musique

Tracy was recently in to cut vocals on a track  featuring  ajax on bass, drums, guitars, synths, Eric from the electrons on synths, LA based arranger Frank Shofner did a fantastic horn chart on it.  Its a fun cover of Duran Duran's  "New Moon on Monday"...... you can get a sneak preview of it here:

a single edit for AC radio and a Pop version are also in the works and we will have more news on that early 2011.  In the mean time Ajax and Tracy are brainstorming the next phase... stay tuned.


Major Anthony J. Resta/Bopnique Musique update

Hello fellow sun orbiters,   we are alive today.  breathe in the glorious now. before it becomes then, and eventually
was.  (with a granite exclamation point)

2010 -2011  Bopnique News!  a list of current Bopnique work that takes us into April of 2011.  We have about  14  open dates open for "Walk in "  business.   Keep us in mind for your recording, mixing, editing, composing, fixing, overdubbing needs......

New projects-projects-projects  (specifics on each forthcoming!)

1.full length CD :  Ryan Hannible (sophmore release)

2.7 song EP :  The Making of the Making of (from San Fransicso)

3.Lucia Moniz:  single remix(from lisbon)

4.Film director david lynch:  REmix from his forthcoming LP

5.Electons- Alex Alexandrakis, Steve Ferrone, Warren C, AJAX, Exclusive interview with Anthony J. Resta

Special Thanks to Duran Duran, and Katy Krassner  for letting me reprint this recent interview.  They  asked me some very interesting questions.

Member Exclusive: QandA with AnthonyJ. Resta!

Anthony J. Resta is a well known music producer/mixer working out of Massachusetts, USA. DD fans may be familiar with Anthony's work with the band on THANK YOU, MEDAZZALAND and more. We were lucky enough to snag Anthony for one of our exclusive interviews - Get the inside scoop on working with DD in studio, upcoming re-mixes and TV Mania here:

1.  Can you explain to the great readers of what you do exactly?

Music to Kill for Compilation

Bopnique has several artists on the new Music to Kill for Compilation

Over the next week we will be featuring a song from all the artists who recorded at Bopnique on the compilation.  First up: A song written by young  Steven Scola of "A Thousand Paper Cranes". ( a hip  up and coming young indie alternative band).  The track  written by Steve features his vocals and guitar work as well.  AJ played drums and guitars on the track as well.  We are thrilled about how it came out. Vlado Meller at Universal Mastered the track and raved about it so much that it led to a partnership with HMG in France which will be releasing some select Bopnique product in 2012 and beyond.

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