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Classic Tracks Revisited "Crown"

Classic Tracks Revisited "Crown"  by Collective Soul

"Crown" was the last track I worked on for the Collective Soul album "Dosage". (it is also the last track on the album.) The record eventually went platinum. It was my first time working with the band and we had a great time in Miami and Atlanta doing overdubs. I drove a ton of gear from Boston in a rental van. I never trusted airlines with racks of gear. I made the trip at warp speed....about 21 hours stopping only once to sleep for a couple of hours. (pit stops for mountain dew and gas)
Driving eventually all the way to the legendary Criteria studios in Miami. 

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Anthony J. Resta Multi-Platinum award for "Twilight" Sound Track

Anthony will be receiving his 11th certified RIAA award for his programming and production work on the Twilight  film soundtrack. (Collective Soul's "Tremble for My Beloved"This marks AJR's 11th RIAA Gold and Platinum award. Always a special thanks to Ed Roland who has given Anthony wonderful opportunities like this for over ten years. 

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Duran Duran / Bopnique Classic Tracks Revisited

"Who Do You Think You Are" from the album "Meddazzaland" 

Anthony performed this drum track at Studio Bopnique Musique back in 1997.The kit was a Noble and Cooley  "Maple Classic"  with a solid maple SS classic snare.  (Thanks to JJ and Carol Jones at Noble and Cooley.) It was recorded with a pair of earthworks mics. (A matched pair of the early original OM1's ). Bob St. John  and AJR ended up  keeping the drums pretty much mono during the mix at Metropolis in Chiswick London. This was before the days of pro-tools so it has  a very live loose feel that anthony played live against some programmed tracks and little vinyl kit programmed on my old not so trusty anymore AKAI KBS1000. You can hear the unmistakeable Bopnique room sound with it's warm brick and beam ambience. Here is what had to say about the album:

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Bopnique Welcomes Back Donna DeLory

Donna is doing some overdubs at Bopnique this week, we always look forward to working with her.  Donna has been worked at Bopnique on several projects over the years. We 
post some biographical material from Wiki for those not familiar with her legacy.

World Premier Video "King of the Ladies" by ExTrEmE

Extreme's Nuno Bettencourt is a renaissance man. He's a mega-shredder, is currently touring with pop star Rihanna and even writes, produces and directs music videos.

Today, Noisecreep premieres the video for 'King of the Ladies,' a fun, classic anthem perfect for summer. While Gary Cherone is known as Extreme's frontman, Bettencourt takes most of the lead on this one, telling a story of going back in time, trying to impress girls in his neighborhood. As you would expect, there's a big party, a barbecue -- and the cops arrive.

Anthony J. Resta wrote the foundation for the song (beats and basslines) then sent it to Nuno,
the results are a very fun Pop Rock track with Nuno's signature Guitar Virtuosity throughout.

the Link:

Anthony J. Resta gets Dangerous

aNtHonY j. rEsTA in Mix Magazine (online)

Andrea Surova "Silver Highway"

As Bopnique enters the wide world of music for Film, TV, Industry, Advertisers, etc,
there is a large body of work to consider. It was recently brought to our attention by one very innovative and forward thinking scientist/musician/inventor extraordinaire Bob Crowley that
Bopnique artist Andrea Surova should be a prime source for cinematic musical vision. So, sit back with a pair of good headphones and travel up up and away  on   Andrea's "Silver Highway".

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